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  • BTDF Visual Studio Extension Link

    BTDF Visual Studio Extension Link

    BizTalk Deployment Framework (BTDF) Visual Studio plugin for BizTalk Server 2020 – SANDRO PEREIRA BIZTALK BLOG (

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  • Remote Debug Azure Function

     See: Remote debug your azure function app v2 in Visual Studio 2019 – Krish Kothapalli Blog Process: Debug > Attach to process… Key in the functions website address:                     Found here: VS 2019 port is 4024 You will be asked for credentials, retrieve these from the Azure Portal from the…

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  • Slow Visual Studio Performance

    I was seeing really slow build times in my VS solution ~30 minutes.  I thought this had something to do with my work’s network, little did I know it was a VS issue.  Thanks to a post back in 2007 by K Rintoul: Slow Visual Studio Performance … Solved!

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  • Visual Studio 2010 versus COM-Object fails

    I spent ages trying to find a solution to this issue after upgrading to VS2012. This link solved the problem and stopped me returning to VS2005. Why Microsoft, why? Thank you malamsson.

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  • Launch the Debugger Automatically

    The following is taken directly from msdn : How to: Launch the Debugger Automatically Sometimes, you may need to debug the startup code for an application that is launched by another process. Examples include services and custom setup actions. In these scenarios, you can have the debugger launch and automatically attach when your application starts.…

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  • Debugging JavaScript with Visual

    The following piece of advice was taken from a blog (click here to see original) discovered while I was searching for a solution to debugging JavaScript in Visual Studio.NOTE: Currently only works is IE, I have not investigated using Firefox. ASP.Net makes it very easy to write and debug server side code. I’ve found when…

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