Azure Function

  • Let me Introduce Nodinite: An Integration Monitoring and Logging Tool Plus More

    Let me Introduce Nodinite: An Integration Monitoring and Logging Tool Plus More

    Nodinite is a tool that I have used for several years now to monitor and log data within my integration process flow. Nodinite also provides a central repository for your integrations. What I love about Nodinite is the total flexibility of what is installed and how it is installed. I believe it is also very…

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  • Xslt Transformation with Azure Function

    XsltCompiledTransform does not allow embedded (inline script) code. I came across this github project and need to test this out: brandonh-msft/EmbeddedXsltTestFunction: Demonstrates how to use custom code in an XML Transform from within an Azure Function ( On the face of it the embedded code can be migrated into ExtensionObjects – it sounds perfect!

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  • Error When Opening Logic App (Standard) Designer in VS Code

    When trying to debug a Logic App (Standard) in Visual Code, I saw the following exception: Running command: “func host start –port 8000″…‘func’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.  It seems I was missing the Azure Function Core Tools: See this:

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  • Deploy Azure Durable Function with Zero Downtime

    Requirement To deploy a new version of an Azure Durable Function using Terraform to a Function App with zero downtime Release Pipeline The production deployment is triggered when a modification to the main repository branch is committed.  The production release pipeline path looks like this:   Plan & Apply Steps include the following tasks: Install…

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  • Connect to Key Vault from a Local Azure Function Instance

    I was having an issue debugging an Azure Function locally.  The start routine loaded the Key Vault secrets into config to be used later: var secretClient = new SecretClient(     new Uri($”https://{keyVault.KeyVaultName}”),    new DefaultAzureCredential());configBuilder.AddAzureKeyVault(secretClient, new AzureKeyVaultConfigurationOptions(){         Manager = new APIKeyVaultSecretManager(keyVault.KeyVaultSecretNames),    ReloadInterval = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(keyVault.ReloadIntervalSeconds)} The problem was I have multiple tenants on…

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  • Remote Debug Azure Function

     See: Remote debug your azure function app v2 in Visual Studio 2019 – Krish Kothapalli Blog Process: Debug > Attach to process… Key in the functions website address:                     Found here: VS 2019 port is 4024 You will be asked for credentials, retrieve these from the Azure Portal from the…

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