WK Integration Services Ltd.

Welcome to WK Integration Services Ltd.
We try to make IT integration simple and straightforward. We have experience developing software since 1998, from legacy IBM platforms to the Microsoft stack.
We can help with on-premise integrations and systems running in-house software or bought in packages to hybrid and cloud based integrations.

What is Integration?

Integration in IT is like the interpreter that allows two people speaking different languages to talk to one another. In IT though the people could be systems, devices, software etc...
Systems and companies use integration to connect their data, applications, APIs and devices across their organisation. This allows them to run smoothly, efficiently, and productively.
Integration not only connects, but adds value through new functionalities which you may have only dreamed about, but now that dream can come true.
Take a look below to see what we work in and if we'd be the perfect fit for the job.

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