• Cross Browser Support for DOM Events

    Firefox follows the DOM standard and passes an event object to each event listener, however has the global event: windows.event. Problem:I wanted to fire a piece of javascript after the user keyed some text and pressed enter or clicked a button. The skeleton code is below:<input id=”NewsletterEmail” value=”Email here” type=”text”   onfocus=”javascript:this.value = ”;” class=”WiderLoginTextBox” /><input value=”OK”…

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  • Styling Buttons in IE

    Even though the button had a class specified on it to change the background image, in IE7 this did not style the button (but in Firefox the styling was picked up from the CSS class “Button”) e.g.and the CSS class was: .Button, input[type=”submit”], input[type=”button”] {   background-position: center center;   background-image: url(Images/ButtonImage.gif); } Solution:The default styling on the IE…

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  • Ordered/Unordered Lists Not Displaying in IE

    In Firefox my unordered list would display automatically indented with the bullet points displayed (which I now believe to be incorrect) e.g.In IE the list would be left adjusted and the bullet points being overlapped by my left hand margin i.e. Solution:First I cleared out any left padding on any ordered or unordered lists: ul,…

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