Close a Parent Form from Child Form

Close a Parent Form from Child Form

From a child form I wanted to close the parent form after a button was clicked, the following is the code I used:

// In the child form, create an event that indicates the special occurrence.
public event EventHandler Special;
protected virtual void OnSpecial(EventArgs e) {
EventHandler Handler = Special;
if (Handler != null)
Handler(this, e);

// Perhaps a button Click is the event you want to indicate the Special event from.
protected void SomeButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {
// After doing some stuff, fire the special event.


// * Back in the parent form.

// Create the child form and subscribe to its Special event.
ChildForm childForm = new ChildForm();
childForm.Special += new EventHandler(ParentForm_Special);

// Set the owner for the child form and show it.
childForm.Owner = this;


// The handler for the child form's Special event.
void ParentForm_Special(object sender, EventArgs e) {
// Close both forms.
ChildForm childForm = (ChildForm)sender;


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