Cross Browser Support for DOM Events

Cross Browser Support for DOM Events

Firefox follows the DOM standard and passes an event object to each event listener, however has the global event: windows.event.

I wanted to fire a piece of javascript after the user keyed some text and pressed enter or clicked a button. The skeleton code is below:

<input id=”NewsletterEmail” value=”Email here” type=”text”
   onfocus=”javascript:this.value = ”;” class=”WiderLoginTextBox” />
<input value=”OK” type=”button”>

Firstly to handle the click of the button I added a call to a javascript function to the button’s onclick event:

onclick=”javascript:return SubscribeToNewsletter(event);”
and the same call on the text box’s onkeypress event:

onkeypress=”javascript:return SubscribeToNewsletter(event);”

The javascript function code is below:

function SubscribeToNewsletter(e)
   var keycode;
   var el;
   if (!e)
// ie does not pass the event as a parameter!
      e = window.event;
      el = e.srcElement; // ie uses the window.event.srcElement property
      el =; // non-ie uses the property
   keycode = e.which;
   if (keycode == 13 || el.type == “button”) // enter or button clicked?
      RegisterForNewsletter(); // call another piece of javascript to do the work…
      return false;
      return true;

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